James discusses what inspires him.

James Braithwaite

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James Braithwaite is a lethal contagion that affects eyeballs and fingers. The symptoms of the disease vary, but anyone wincing, giggling, or gagging may be a carrier and must be treated accordingly.

The artist James Braithwaite, namesake of this affliction, is known for his ability to take beautiful pens and make them do really lousy things. His scribbles were featured in the animated short film I Met the Walrus, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2008, won an Emmy in 2009, and was awarded the Guggenheim/youtube prize in 2010.

Since then James has stumbled from project to project smearing ink wherever he goes, illustrating a book with Harper Collins, animating a short for Will Forte of SNL, and writing scripts for children’s shows.

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