New York based artist Luke Murphy talks about art, programming and randomness.

Luke Murphy 

Luke Murphy is a systems-based artist whose work is loosely bound by common themes of quantifying elements of the psyche and spirit with a particular interest in the Gnostic gospels, religious paintings, and digital languages – codes and systems to make art.  His work of the past few years has been an investigation into the fundamentals of randomness and how it powers digital art, the underlying mechanisms of hope and politics and more broadly our digital age. Seeking the most perfect source of randomness has lead him to to use radioactive decay as the engine to generate random numbers which are then harvested to power art. The sublime unpredictability and profound unknowability of the spontaneous decay of Uranium is translated by his various algorithms into a new sublime, one of information, digital visualization and painting strategies.  Luke's work tries to interleave cultural post-atomic anxieties, information culture and the Gnostics’ belief that the world was irrational.