Exoplanet | ˈeksōˌplanit |

noun. A planet that orbits a star outside of our solar system.

There are over 900 confirmed exoplanets and this graph explores the relationship between these exoplanets and the planets in our solar system. It also explores the search for extraterrestrial life and habitable planets for inhabitants of Earth.

Planets are graphed on two axes; their semi-major axis (distance from star) and eccentricity (circularity of orbit). The length of the string represents the length of the planet’s orbital period in days. Orange denotes planets in our solar system, while yellow denotes exoplanets that may be habitable.

Alyssa Buck


Alyssa Buck is a 4th year New Media student at the University of
Lethbridge, interested in web and graphic design. She also likes cats,
gardening, and doodling in her spare time.