This work looks at trends in fanfiction by focusing on a small section of those stories set in the world of the TV show Supernatural (CW, 2005-present).

I felt a digital representation of the data was necessary for many reasons: it was personally challenging as I had no previous experience with this form of visualization before, the data itself documents a digital art form – online fanfiction – so it seemed appropriate that the visualization of said data maintain the medium, I wanted some of the visualization to be dynamic so that the user could view more information without being overwhelmed, and finally, digital representation affords me the ability to easily update the visualization as more data is gathered and usefulness is really the hallmark and purpose of this project.

I would like to continue this work to show that data visualization is a relevant tool in the analysis of literature and genre studies in particular. Humanists work with data all the time, but they are often unwilling to apply digital tools or unaware that there are relevant digital tools available. More work in this area can open up new opportunities for digital humanists.

Jessica Bay


Jessica Bay is an MA student in English at the University of Lethbridge. She has previously completed an MA thesis in Popular Culture titled "The New Blockbuster Film Sequel: Changing Cultural and Economic Conditions Within the Film Industry." Her current research examines a connection between fanfiction and self-publication of e-books in the urban fantasy genre.